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madsanity_101's Journal

All thats left after the Apocalypse, w/half th cal
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A place where comedians come to escape other comedians.
This is a new community that takes the ridiculous to a new level - serious-like.

It's a special place for a certain kind of humour. MY kind of humour. You come here, you laugh, you send me money, I don't hurt you.

It's basically supposed to be the funniest damn thing on LJ.

Jokes will be made, lives may be lost, but it's all, in, the game.

This is THE community TO WATCH.

You can't join unless you have a sense of humour.

And you can't POST unless you are funny.

BUT - non-members can COMMENT. So...

If someone ISN'T funny, then EVERYONE CAN JUST VOTE THEM OUT, and they lose JOKING PRIVILEGES.

However, if they truly do SUCCEED, then they will not only be discovered by talent scouts, most likely, they will be allowed to become a member of MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNAL, which is being readied for the Smithsonian at this very moment.

We'll start off by allowing all members to post their jokes and humourous stories and observations and links and so forth, until this community simply becomes too large to be democratic.

Which is likely never to happen.

Ha ha ha!

The joke's on me!

What other comedians am I forgetting to list in "INTERESTS?"

Anyway, I'll spiff this all up real good-like, as soon as I get a new computer one day.

Which is likely never to happen.

All bow.

My other lame communities are at communities101

And if you want to know what kind of humour we appreciate here at madsanity_101, go read some of my public posts at MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNAL. You will see that the main elements of my humour are Boredom and Tediousness. But PLEASE do not add me. You need to rise to the top of the laughing fishes food chain first, before I will even so much as sneeze at you.

madsanity_101: Where mad becomes sane, and the sane, mad.

Here we go posting some links...

THE ONION: http://www.theonion.com
TOM GREEN / Living Room TV: http://www.tomgreen.com
TOM GREEN's FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/tomgreenofficial
WGN NICK DIGILIO: http://www.wgnradio.com/shows/nickd/
WGN BRIAN NOONAN: http://www.wgnradio.com/shows/overnight/

...and so forth...

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